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Why not make an evening trip to Hasselö, with three-course dinner at the renowned Restaurant Sjökanten and a bath in the wood-fired hot tub? You can also take your own round trip to the archipelago.

Marqua with home harbor at Hasselö offers boat taxi for up to 12 people per trip. They can also load materials up to one ton. We can also offer a guide on the boat trips.

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    Price example boat trip: Fr Gränsö channel to Restaurang Sjökanten in Hasselö: 800 SEK Fr Västerviks Centrum to Restaurant Sjökanten in Hasselö: 1000 SEK Fr Sandbyhovsbryggan, Loftahammar to Restaurang Sjökanten in Hasselö: 1200 SEK Fr Gränsö channel to Hasselö Sand: 900 SEK Fr Västerviks Centrum to Hasselö Sand: 1100 SEK Fr Sandbyhovsbyggan, Loftahammar to Hasselö Sand: 1100 SEK

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