Vindåsen and Hulöhamn

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From the road to Källvik, take the turning towards Flatvarp, and after 4 km turn right towards Hulöhamn. After approximately 4 km watch out for a parking area (which is signposted) and an information board. The trails are approximately 4 km long, and they both begin at the same point.

The nature reserve consists of two peninsulas, Vindåsen and Hulöhamn, which protrude out into the sea. One of the trails will take you east of Båtsviken and is only 2 km long, but the terrain is demanding and mountainous. The other trail is on the other side of Båtsviken and is approximately 2 km long. It will take you through an area typical of Tjust’s inner archipelago, where you can still see animals grazing in the pastures along the shoreline. At the end of Båtsviken is Hulöhamns by, with arable and pastureland and areas of deciduous forest. Further into Hulöhamn you will encounter the barren outer archipelago. Västervik Tourist Center offers a free booklet called Hiking Trails in Västervik Municipality with more information and a map of the walking path.

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