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Address: Överum

Ryvenäsleden is 4 km long and circumnavigates Överum on its way to Ryvenäs. The terrain is made up of some woodland areas and it also travels along the shores of Lake Ryven.

The trail starts on the road to Björka and follows the shores of Lake Ryven – on ‘Haks backe’ ridge it turns off towards Ryvenäs. The place is commonly called/referred to as "Kuttens kast"; a terrible crime took place here in 1855. To protect against this happening again, a stone or a stick was offered to the village by everyone who walked by. Over time, a heap of twigs and stones grew, and this was called "Kuttens kast". The trail then continues to Bäckebo, and over Pinaberget, one of the seven hillocks in Överum, and you soon come to a footbridge located on the hillock called Snarklint. At the end of the trail you will find Ryvenäs Farm (Gården Ryvenäs), which, today, can be hired for conferences and parties. There are excellent opportunities for bathing down by the shore. Västervik Tourist Center offers a free booklet called Hiking Trails in Västervik Municipality.

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