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Address: Edsbruk

Kyrkvägen, which is located between Vråka village and Edsbruk, was previously the only road between Vråka and the church in Västra Ed. The trail is approximately 6 km long and runs from Vråka to a tree-lined avenue towards Edsbruk.

Vråka village is one of the oldest of the linear villages found in the Tjust district. The centre of the village still looks like it did during the Middle Ages, with the houses on one side of the street and the cattle sheds and barns on the other. Along the trail you will find the old ‘toothache tree’; people used to pick at an aching tooth with a pin or a stick of wood until their gums bled, they would then hammer the pin/stick into the tree in the hope that the pain would pass into the tree. Further along the trail, you will catch a glimpse of the large grave field from the Viking period in the dense young forest. Via Lilla Helleberg, you can see the remains of an Iron Age grave field inside the roundpole fence. The trail starts and finishes at a tree-lined avenue which are situated just outside the village of Edsbruk. Here you will find a sign with information about the old church ruin in Ed, which you can visit if you continue to walk along the tree-lined avenue. You can pick up your copy of the booklet called "Vandra i Västervik" at Västervik Tourist Center for more information and a map of the trails.

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