St:a Gertruds Kyrka (St:a Gertruds church)

Address: S:ta Gertruds Kyrka , 593 33 Västervik Show map

Address: S:ta Gertruds Kyrka , 593 33 Västervik

In 1433, when Västervik was founded at its current location by Erik of Pomerania, the community did not have to pay any taxes for four years; the first year in order to be able to build St. Gertrud’s Church.

Religious services were held in the church for nearly 500 years, until the last morning service was held there one Sunday in 1905. On the first day of Advent in the same year, Västervik’s new church, St. Petri, was inaugurated. After that, St. Gertrud’s Church was used as a grain depot during the First World War. During the hunger riots of 1917, starving citizens of Västervik stormed the church, only to discover that the grains and cereals had germinated and could no longer be used. Eventually, a decision was made to re-establish the church as a place of worship, and on 18 June 1933, St. Gertrud’s Church was reinaugurated. The church’s original tower was destroyed by a lightning bolt during a religious service in 1762 and was replaced in the 1780s, the new tower was designed by the famous architect Carl Fredrik Adelchrantz. The church’s many valuable items of furniture include, among other things, a Wistenius organ from 1743. The organ is considered to be one of Sweden’s most valuable. The church is open to the public during the summer and is definitely worth a visit.

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