Tjustleden, Stage 6 Hallingeberg–Karrum–Odensvi

Address: Hallingeberg Date: Friday 3 jun 2016 - Tuesday 23 Oct 2018 Show map

Address: Hallingeberg

Tjustleden is a hiking trail which meanders throughout the whole of Västervik municipality. The total length of the trail is 203 km, and it is divided up into nine stages. Tjustleden offers the hiker a varied and beautiful terrain through forests and cultivated land.

Stage 6 begins north of Hallingeberg Church and will take you past cultivated farmland. After that, the trail follows an old bridle path, and it is worth stopping to take a look at the potholes, the so-called Fågelstenen (Bird stone) and a wolf pit. At Sixgöl there are shelters and excellent rocks to sunbathe on. You are now close to Hängesten, which is an interesting geological landmark. When you reach Frö farm the trail splits into two, one of which goes past Möckelkullen’s Nature Reserve and leads to Odensvi Church. The trail continues through oak and precious deciduous forest on its way to Kyrksjön (Lake Kyrk), where a shelter is located on a beautiful peninsula.

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