Tjustleden, Stage 5 Törnsfall–Almvik–Hallingeberg

Date: Friday 3 jun 2016 - Tuesday 23 Oct 2018 Show map

Tjustleden is a hiking trail which meanders throughout the whole of Västervik municipality. The total length of the trail is 203 km, and it is divided up into nine stages. Tjustleden offers the hiker a varied and beautiful terrain through forests and cultivated land.

The beginning and end of the fifth stage of the trail is a stretch of countryside with both open and cultivated land, while the area in-between consists of large areas of forest. After a short walk from the shelter at Mösjön, the trail will lead you up across Borgareberget, which offers fantastic views. You then pass Lake Bleken, where you will be able to see Blekhem mansion. The trail then runs alongside the E22, and from there it is only a short walk from Almvik’s Brick-work Museum, which is well worth a visit. The trail then goes past a grave field with enormous cairns, where you can see standing stones from the Iron Age. Continuing along the trail towards Hallingeberg, you will walk through an area that is renowned for its berries and mushrooms until you finally come to a beautiful open area of the valley; the end of this stage of the trail is not far away now.

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