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  • Tjustleden, Stage 4 Mjösjön–Hjorten–Törnsfall and Törnsfall–Gagern–Marsbäcken

Tjustleden, Stage 4 Mjösjön–Hjorten–Törnsfall and Törnsfall–Gagern–Marsbäcken

Date: Friday 3 jun 2016 - Tuesday 23 Oct 2018 Show map

Tjustleden is a hiking trail which meanders throughout the whole of Västervik municipality. The total length of the trail is 203 km, and it is divided up into nine stages. Tjustleden offers the hiker a varied and beautiful terrain through forests and cultivated land.

The fourth stage is approximately 12 km long, but it is also possible to use a connecting trail which goes towards Marsbäcken, which is 8 km long. This stage begins in a large mossy forest on the road towards the southern tip of Svinnaren, which is a good place to enjoy some refreshments and perhaps even to go for a swim. Lake Hjorten is also a good place to take a break – it has been Västervik’s water catchment area since 1923. We then come to the final part of the trail, in the direction of Marsbäcken, the terrain is occasionally undulating and stony, but there are also beautiful views along the lake’s shores and large grave fields. If you continue along the trail, you will soon come to the 12th century Törnsfall Church, which is the only church in the area. From here, the end of this stage of the trail, at Mösjön, is very close.

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