Tjustleden, Stage 3 Svarteström–Lunds by–Mjösjön

Date: Friday 3 jun 2016 - Tuesday 23 Oct 2018 Show map

Tjustleden is a hiking trail which meanders throughout the whole of Västervik municipality. The total length of the trail is 203 km, and it is divided up into nine stages. Tjustleden offers the hiker a varied and beautiful terrain through forests and cultivated land.

The third stage is approximately 20 km long and starts with a climb up a mountain, which leads to spectacular views. The trail will take you through forests, man-made clearings, ridges and past several large ancient ruins. The trail then goes past Käringryggen, an abandoned mining area, which consists of three elongated fields. The mine dates back to the 1520s, and it was the largest cobalt-producing mine in the country. The next stage is to get to Lund’s old ‘torgby’ (market village), and just to the north you will discover different petroglyphs, such as foot soles and cup and ring marks. Before you reach the end of the stage, at Mjösjön (Lake Mjö), you will pass Verkebäcksdalgången and the beautiful meandering countryside.

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