Lotsutkiken på Idö (Pilot outlook tower on Idö)

Address: Idö, 593 93 Västervik Show map

Address: Idö, 593 93 Västervik

In the old pilot outlook tower on Idö you can experience a piece of living history as the tower is completely intact since the last man left his post in February 1986. From the roof you can see out across several miles of land and sea.

The earliest pilotage was usually carried out by those living next to the navigable channel and it was initially during the time of Gustav Vasa that the more organized pilotage was developed. Gustav Vasa ordered the people in certain coastal areas to pilot the King's ships in return for tax exemption. It was common that the profession was passed from father to son and the Idlund family still works on the island where the position as pilot has been handed down through nine generations! The look-out tower was closed down in 1986, but is one of the few along the coast that is still intact. On the way up into the tower, island life from the past is depicted through pictures and objects; this is through cooperation with Västervik's Museum.

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