Lilla Återbruket

Address: Lilla Återbruket Vråka, 590 98 Edsbruk Show map

Address: Lilla Återbruket Vråka, 590 98 Edsbruk

In the very middle of Vråka with its terraced houses, you find Lilla Återbruket smelting-house. Using traditional methods and its developed environmental thinking, old glass is recycled here into new art and everyday objects.

The raw material is disposable glass, such as jars, bottles and window glass. The glass is recycled using several methods. Jars and bottles are craftily reformed in glass furnaces which leave the bottom intact while the rest of the glass is reshaped and often gets a new colour. Old glass is smelted down to become new objects. All the glass is handcrafted with an engraved signature. You can even buy other products that have been made with recycled material in the shop.

The furnaces are usually fired up weekdays between 11 h and 15 h during Lilla Återbruket's opening hours, but if you want to be absolutely sure to see glass production, please ring the smelting-house before you come and visit.

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