Almviks Tegelbruksmuseum (Almvik Brickworks Museum)

Address: Tallbacken, Almvik, 593 95 Västervik Show map

Address: Tallbacken, Almvik, 593 95 Västervik

At Almvik's Brickworks Museum, you'll experience how it was to work in a brickworks in the past and how things were produced using the simple technology of the day.

The works dates from the mid-18th century. The present facility is just over a hundred years old, with the ring furnace (1878) and the long drying bulding as prime buildings.

The brickworks has been preserved as it was when finally closed in 1971. In the museum's exhibition room, you can see, among many other things, an enormous painting by Lars Jönsson and three sculptures of workers at the brickworks by Gösta Holmer.

Almvik has been a producer of bricks since the beginning of the 17th century when Västervik's mayor founded a brickworks there. In 1669, 4,000 bricks were delivered to repair Stegeholm Castle, which today lies in ruin, and where The Holmön Song Festival is held every year.

Guided tours outside the museum opening times can be booked by telephone +4670 61401 or +46490 321 51 95. Fee: 60 SEK per person for groups of 11 or more. Unit price 600 SEK for smaller groups.
Children under 15 free (not counted in groups).

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    +46 490 321 95
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    +46 706 14 01 51
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    Tallbacken, Almvik
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    593 95 Västervik
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    2017: The museum is open between 10.00-15.00 Monday-Friday from 26/6-4/8 and all Saturdays in July and August.
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    Entrance fee: Adults 40 SEK. Children under 15 free. School classes with a maximum of 4 teachers, 200 SEK. For guided tours all year round please call +46 490 321 95 or +46 70-61 401 51.