Väster om Viken

Address: Storgatan 37, 593 33 Västervik Show map

Address: Storgatan 37, 593 33 Västervik

The small shop Väster om Viken sells design and handicraft work, tea and luxury chocolat. Here you can find some typical things for Västervik.

West of the bay (Viken) you will find a wonderful shop where you can enjoy Design & Konsthantverk (design and handicraft work) to the smell of tea and chocolate. A collection of local designers and craftspeople have gathered here and it is a unique store where you can find gifts for all occasions.

Meet us in the shop:
Glas & Lera (Glass and clay)
Textil & Väv (Textile and fabrics)
Keramik & Bilder (Ceramics and pictures)
Textil i Lin (Textiles made of flax)
Keramik (ceramics)
Ekologisk Hudvård (Organic skincare)
Design i Naturmaterial (Design using nature’s materials)
Smide & Textil (Forging and textiles)

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