Spårö båk (Spårö beacon)

Address: Västervik Show map

Address: Västervik

Spårö båk is located on the island of Spårö in Tjusts archipelago. Spårö båk was designed by Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz. Inspired by a lighthouse Carl seen in the Neapel area, he designed a square-level building under a curved top roof, and from there the beacon was built on Spårö.

Spårö båk was built in 1776-1777 and has been considered by many, including the Evert Taube, to be one of the most beautiful seamark of the East Coast. The beacon is 25 meters high and has 2 meters thick walls in the bottom. It stands on top of the 34 meter high Spårö mountain.

The beacon were built to facilitate the approach to Västervik by boat. Through gaps on the east side of the roof, at night and bad weather, they put out iron baskets with burning tarved wood. In this way, the Spårö beacon was used until 1884. In 1925 the lightning struck down in the beacon and ignited the shingle roof, which was then replaced by a plate roof. Today, Spårö is a popular excursion point.

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