Archipelago buffet at Restaurant Sjökanten, Hasselö

Address: Hasselö, 593 91 Västervik Show map

Address: Hasselö, 593 91 Västervik

Lovely archipelago buffet with flavors from Tjust archipelago, which is served in a genuine environment among boathouses and fishing huts on Restaurant Sjökanten.

The locally caught and processed fish forms the base. It is served with locally produced meat, varied and tasty salads, freshly baked bread, cheeses and sauces. After the food coffee is served and a small sweet dessert to accompany it.

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About this activity

  • Phone number
    46 702349688
  • Phone number (booking)
    46 702349688
  • Street address 1
  • City (address)
    593 91 Västervik
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  • Opening hours
    17 June to 20 August (2017) we are open every day from 11.30-15.00 (one seating at 12:00 and one at 13:30).
  • Price information
    Archipelago buffet costs 225 SEK / adults. For children up to 12 years costs 10 SEK / age (a five year pay 50 SEK, a six year old 60 SEK etc.).