Hjalmarsson’s cabin on Hasselö

Area: Västervik

4 beds

Cottages and holiday villages | This small, but charming, cabin is located in the vicinity of Slågaudden Farm (where you will find Sjökanten restaurant), approximately 2 km from Hasselö Sand. It is in an extremely beautiful location situated at the water’s edge.

The cabin is light and clean, has a room with a kitchen and a sleeping loft with room for up to 4 people. The spacious, modern kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a hotplate and a sink. There is an outside WC approximately 40 m from the cabin and a shower in the on-site facilities at Hasselö Sand (2 km) or Hasselö Youth Hostel (2.5 km). The cabin is suitable for up to 4 people.

Hasselö is an island with no fixed land connection, located in the Tjust archipelago outside Västervik and Loftahammar in north-eastern Småland. You can visit the island during the summer via the regular archipelago ferry from Västervik . During the rest of the year, you can take a taxi boat from Västervik or Gränsö Canal. You can also book your own b...

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About this accommodation

  • Capacity
    Number of beds: 4