Guest harbour Hasselö Sand

Address: Hasselö, 593 91 Västervik
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Location: Skärgården

Guest harbours | At Hasselö Sand boat guests are welcome to stay overnight at the guest dock. Around the island there are also many beautiful natural harbors. Right next to the harbour there is a small but well-stocked supermarket.

On the sandy beach is the guest pier where the boat guests are invited to stay overnight. The floating bridge has a breakwater and room for 30-35 boats.

Position: sea chart 623, 57°49.83 43.92 N 16°E

Harbor master: Handelsboa +46490-911 30

Depth: 7 meters at the ridge (shallower further in)

Number of places: 30-35

Service building: Just above the beach is our fresh service building with toilets, showers, laundry and kitchen sink.

Service building with two showers.

In service building there are two flush toilets, one of which adapted for the disabled.

Laundry for a fee
Service building laundry equipped with a washer, a dryer and a sink.

Washing options
The outside of the service building is a sink equipped with hot and cold water.

Fresh water is available at the sink on the outside of the service building.

Electricity is available: on the beach next to the pier is a power pole. Longer cable is required for connection.

Garbage: Above the harbor there is a garbage dump, where the port guests can dispose of rubbish.

Staffed: June-August

Fee: Staying just over the day is free, but to stay overnight costs 120 SEK / night (excl. electricity). Marina ticket can be bought in Handelsboa.

* Less than 10m (33 feet): 140 SEK
* Over 10 m (33 feet): 160 SEK
* Electricity: 40 SEK

Note: When paying at the bridge, there will be a charge of XX SEK.

Buffet breakfast is available: breakfast is served in the pavilion, just above the beach, advance booking in the café the day before.

There are also bike rentals, kayak rentals, shop, grocery, restaurant and archipelago traffic.

Facilities and services

  • Shower shared Communal cooking area Outdoor grill/BBQ area Clothes drying facilities
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Eat & Drink on site
    Curio shop Breakfast

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Booking service

Nordic Travel, Smålands official organizer, is responsible for the booking.

Customer service

Booking service

Nordic Travel, Smålands official organizer, is responsible for the booking.

Customer service