Bryggeri Fängelset

Standort: Västervik
Fängelsetorget 1 , 593 31 Västervik (Karte anzeigen)

The brewery is located on the same premises as Hotell Fängelset. You can partake of our entire regular selection as well as limited edition brews at the bar. For more information, please reserve a beer tasting session.

The brewery offers a regular selection of several different types of beer and there are "exbeeriments", seasonal and one-off brews with different ingredients and flavours in the pub. At a beer tasting, you'll learn about the brewery, our equipment and ingredients. You'll also learn how beer is brewed and most certainly get the chance to sup on several different varieties of beer. You can reserve a private beer tasting for between 8-30 persons or reserve your place in an open-to-the-public beer tasting.


+46 76 136 89 66
Fängelsetorget 1
City (address)
593 31 Västervik



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